• Image of Feather Motif Sugar and Creamer Serving Set

Want a modern, stylish edition to your home decor? This set of two ceramic pieces will brighten your day waking up to the clean graphic images deep blue feathers!

Free Hand drawn and painted with a deep navy blue underglaze. A creamy, crisp cotton background is the setting for this beautiful light feather design. A shiny overglaze is coated on top of all of my pieces that give them a finished and beautiful glossy sheen.
please wash by hand.

Heat set or pressed inks will fade over time. My work is done in the traditional way.
My ceramics are painted, glazed and fired in a kiln, and the color will never fade or go away.
cobalt, navy blue and white feather motif ceramic sugar and creamer serving set by Jessica Howard
the sugar bowl with the top on measures 4.75inches in height
without the lid on, measures 3.25
its widest point is 3.75 and the opening is 2.5inches

the creamer is 4inches at the highest point at the lip
and lowest is 3 inches
its widest point with the handle included is 5 inches
the opening measures 3 inches

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