At 17 years old Jessica Howard was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Terrified, she was thrown into a whirlwind of tests and toxins. It all culminated in a seven-hour surgery that left her unable to speak or walk for days.

She still recalls in vivid detail the struggle to regain her art, to learn to draw again. "It was like drawing in reverse. I needed to find my lines again", she explains. "To rediscover my boldness, my strength. Each line needed to be re-imagined, made whole again."

Today, years later, she is whole. Married with two healthy boys she is cancer free and the lines on her pieces are both bold and clear. Each one a reflection of the treasures she hunted for as a child on the bucolic North Shore of Long Island in those years before the storm, life affirming memories of her strength. The tree limbs, the blades of grass, the lonesomeness of dead ocean life, even the breath of the waves.